Who uses Go Online Wellness?

Small and mid-sized employers who need a home for their company's wellness program


Health professionals looking to build their
curriculum online

Businesses who need a site administrator to manage their wellness program

Our Services

We pride ourselves on offering diverse and reliable solutions for online wellness programs.  Whether you are a company looking to build an online tool to encourage and support your employees in making healthy lifestyle choices, a wellness professional seeking an online home for your program, or a broker who needs a full-service firm that can deliver dynamic wellness solutions to multiple clients, let Go Online Wellness help you get started!  We work exclusively with CoreHealth Technologies, a leader in wellness technology, to deliver customizable, comprehensive, and engaging online wellness tools.   

Small Business
Wellness Portals

We provide access to the dynamic wellness platform created by CoreHealth Technologies.  We partner with employers who need to be able to deliver health support and track wellness incentives. Whether or not you have the staff to manage your online wellness portal, Go Online meets you where you are. With our basic access and a la carte pricing, you can choose the features and support services that apply to your portal needs. We also partner with health and wellness professionals who need an online home to deliver customized solutions to their clients.  Go Online works with you to bring your wellness portal to life.



Wellness Challenge Hosting and Support

Want to run a wellness challenge for your staff, community, organization?  Go Online provides access to template and custom created challenges with the CoreHealth Technologies platform.  Whether you want to manage the challenge yourself or need someone to manage it for you, Go Online Wellness brings a flexible and adaptive approach to online wellness challenges.

Site Administration

Already partnering with CoreHealth Technologies and need some expert support?  Go Online Wellness offers site administration and wellness challenge services to help you get the most out of this dynamic technology without any of the staffing headaches. Contact us to learn more about our Site Administration solutions.  We work fast to get you a custom, pain-free solution in place!